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Swastyka 2001 "Prophecies of Aryan Moon "

1. Intro

Instrumental song

2. Prophecies of Aryan Moon

Prophecies of Aryan Moon
Music and Lyrics by Swastyka

Autumn has Embraced my longing soul
Father moon is watching me from high above

My land and my brothers are waiting
For the prophecies of Aryan Moon...
Barely forgotten glorious times are
Hidden in the secret places in the West..
The bright star has shone proudly again
Whispering woods chant their song...
The prophecies of old, are long forgotten
Wisdom is buried deep in the western mountains...

Where the trees stand high, and mist lies thick
We wander through these plains like stormclouds
And yet sometimes a fear from longing heart
Flows together with drops of precious blood...

For destroyed temples , for desecrated graves
For murdered children, for raped wives and sisters..
Times of Revenge are close!!

Too long our noble race has suffered
Under foreign rule, built on jewish lies
The long awaited times of Aryan rebirth have come
By the power of Blood! By the forces of Evil!
The sky is plain black, and stone cold...

(Firnament of stars unseen above us
The Wind of plague and death howls in the East)

The children of Jesus Christ hide their ugly faces
Fear ruled their peace loving hearts...
Nocturnal frost rises in the North
The Legion of Aryan Moon will soon awake!
Gathering powerfull forces of Svastika...

(Guided by the light of ancestors graves)

Morning has woke in the Eastern side
Flags are risen to the Blue Sky
Aryan Warriors are gathered to die in fight
Heil to the proud Aryan Reich!!!

Secrets of ultimate knowledge shall be found
And Banner of Gamma should be brought forth
To the lands of the Legion of Aryan Moon
And our Revenge shall be laid upon the earth...

3. Det Som Engang Var (Burzum cover)

Imellom buskene vi stirret P� de som minnet om andre tider Og fortalte at h�pet var borte For alltid... Vi h�rte alvesang og vann Som sildret Det som en gang var er nu borte Alt blodet... All lengsel og sorg som Hersket Og de f�lelser som kunne R�res Er vekk... For alltid... Vi d�de ikke... Vi har aldri levd

Between the bushes we stared At those who reminded us of another age And told that hope was away Forever We heard elvensong and Water that trickled What once was is now Away All the blood All the longing and pain that Ruled Are away Forever We are not dead We have never lived

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