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Dark Tranquility 2005 "Character"

1. The New Build

A human force stronger than logic
beyond the focus and the grander ideas
one microcosmos in this wretched piece of hell
distant memories of what empathy we felt
no revolution in what they must overthrow
in on a secret we all know
the need that is our enemy

I don't even want to see you
doing all the same things as me
don't ever let this be you
knowing what it is that drives me

it's all in the future
said with one foot in the grave
all in the plan of what we never could achieve
no satisfaction
we excuse ourselves from progress by post-altering our motives
stories set to match whatever beat that drives the impulse

whatever tune that carries through
what's in a soul that rattles empty
in this one reality, too few

our reach is never wider than the depth of what we grasp
a vicious curse on all that we partake in/side the conflict
where no one is the wiser
a space invaded
a face evaded
my space invaded
selfish dosn't begin to cover the sense
in this utopia of one to escape the argument
to put another filter on

2. Through Smudged Lenses

Let none be themselves
turn of the century lies not within the others
turn on the watchful eye
the blindness ends tonight
shelter for the shattered in unison we strive
dore to disassociate and cut the binds that tie abstractualize further
to the ends of facts and foe
will it out of meaning as silence speaks the truth

I want to hear your scream
I want to see you stand atop the patheon of fiction
and your failure grasping for a hiding place among indifferent stones
a brief reflection it sets the soul apart
no selection
it tears our world apart

These walls are protecting us
Burn them to the ground
This haven of refuge
Burn it to the ground
So smudge the lens a little
muffle the voice phase out of sound a while and let it go
citizens of choice in a twilight world of your design
left to our devices we stumble on

Burn it to the ground
No firewall will save you
Burn it to the ground
Take me to the keep and bare the darkest void
thousand fold the agony of silenced screams
Alone tune right out of static
exorcise the dark how else can we move on

3. Out Of Nothing

Make enemies of truth and reason
in that a rage is born
start out a promise and a venture
where direction was never the goal

How does it feel to run out of nothing?
Where do you go when you run out?

Never you mind the grand perspective
other forces kept at bay
as you narrow the field of vision
to retain a sense of control
Your focus will remain unfixed
in the haze of a world unhinged

Create a sense of purpose
around which you base your faith
the doubt that haunts your skin
an itch that will linger on forever

How does it feel to run out of nothing?
Where do you go when you run out?

You wave off critique as an offender
never question where your motives lie
as a part of the greatest fable
the beast all had forgotten
instincts in a dead end rampage
destruction as a saving grace

You run out of nothing
How does it feel?
to run out of nothing
Where do you go?
When you run out

4. The Endless Feed

You try to hide the fact
hidden from yourself
your own favourite entertainer
is none other than the one we call you
and you need the others to fortify your disgust for the worst of us,
to the rest of us

Entertain the thought that we are still alive
entertain the notion of impending doom
entertain our worst suspicions and our fears
just pull us in and take us down

I hear a mighty cheer
your faith could not be any stronger
in your head the stage is set
a product of what we're being fed
oblivious by design not susceptible to any mind

I can take what's being given
I can down whatever comes
I will do what you deem necessary

My fear compels me

No more ficticious needs
i will not be made a mockery
no more chaos seed
i am not what you're supposed to see
without a sense of danger
everything is lost
in the name of entertainment
we are doomed

5. Lost To Apathy

The unsaid tone of weak despair
fail to resonate
frayed ends of our binding
threads will disintegrate

By laws our physiques state
failure to communicate
none too sentient hear no,
see no works its magic against all function
ongoing choices the trials will end
filter the nonsense and laugh at what's left
indecision / nonvision
what matters taken away

Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over
Lost to apathy

So overcome with pointless tears
to test pain receptors
nothing matters ever here
put up a nonreaction
these eyes will never see
covered up from reality

The unknown world that you deny
no priority
cannot fail if you never start
how predictable
i want to know where did it end
for madness to start
always the skeptic and never be part
it matters not

6. Mind Matters

You are all that matters in my private demonology
those who fail us now
the sons of wishes
the bastard child of dream
enemies of hope
let it be gone
it's all pretend

Mind matters, matters not

Never again
in perfect clarity
see the day in childlike vision
where does it lead from here
on without that guidance
disaster role model without a part
our search is wider
cast off those wide-eyed hopes and dreams

Mind matters, matters not

No need to see you there
the path we made is clear
just stay ahead of me
this is not for me to see

This time a prayer onto nothing
project again
direct oppose to action
all across the board
shortcomings close to call

7. One Thought

Insufficient facts make up for frail foundation
breeding the obscene for the opinion
customized insight null and substance void
upon these wheels our world will roll
let it be decided
who will take the blame?
another soul to drain
what is it that we see?

One thought bringing it down
Original sinners
One thought bringing it down
Switch it off

Has it come to this?
enjoying things by proxy
live through others
die just like the rest
we all end up screaming a little louder
to cover up another piece of silence

Punch another hole through media
turn it off
brace for impact to a once greater vision
our lives now stand to fall
this tyranny of fear a stranglehold on us
stronger day by day
time to turn it off

8. Dry Run

It comes from all we're giving
in seemingly endless supply
as signals cross defiantly into this volatile mix
we charge and the stubborn mind repeats the errors
to challenge our grounds
either soar above or the detour takes you right back down
to where no one wants to see
misgivings in this starry nightlights fill in the blanks that one will fall
to the haunts and horrors

There is nothing left
A mere shadow
When adrenaline runs dry
There is nothing there
Empty prop
When adrenaline runs dry

It gets you deep down low
as they told you of the blazing heights
the stage from which the world is viewed
is the mirror to shatter the image the crypt he kept for hiding
retreat from another attack
pointlessly forgiving a refuge in deceptive black

It works within the system and they won't understand
A lesser known deciever will fool you even more

Taunt the wasted
it's all about nothing
what to squeeze within the span of attention
brought to ground, let the chaos pass
that one will fail by the screams and terrors

9. Am I 1?

I grant to you
no privilage of person
no sense of self
denial of choice
its wants out
so from all the little bits and pieces
a simple case of lost and found
a wicked new beginning
i don't ever want to see
it's the oldest trick in the book
just like everything you always knew
turned upon its very end
there's nothing left to be
half a mind to say all the things that bother me today
you better check if it's me in that coffin of yours
or just the one you thought you knew

I am one,
Who am I?
No character to be lost inside

A mind is hard to please
so wander aimlessly

Hands clenched in fists of rage
concealed in frustration
there's a part of me that cannot deal
with the character I am forced to be
a thinly veiled plan to lay your world afoot
lost in community
blind in belonging
is there really nothing more than this?
the emptiness remains
so put on your brave face
and take the plunge again

10. Senses Tied

Riddled by the trappings of words that makes the edges blur
here on the outskirts of sincerity
and pride stretched as far as words can reach
by the lure of higher meaning
there's something out there
lost behind the power lines

It's all the same to me

Lost all faith in promises and deadlines closing in
tired of deciphering the wayward strands of truth

I don't care
'Cause I can't feel
I don't know anymore

Sure we've had a good run with vowels, nouns, and letters
but within its very nature the ability to distort
there's nothing in the words I hear that makes me want to take a stand
it has gone on for far too long
I chose to disengage the ends of our conditioning to swallow
take and like it
rather keep me in the dark
than look me in the eye

It's all the same things pulling us down to,
Senses gone I cheer,
It's all these same things making us blind
There's nothing here for me

Hear it coming
heading for you now
I can't even stand the tons of arrogance and denial on display
here you are listless, left for deaf
thinking about what standards we set in times of weary tongues
and ears that hear no end to it
unwilling or unable
the difference left for times judgment it passes on from wicked mouths
as victim takes on another role
new bold oppressor
our teacher's product now stands tall

11. My Negation

It's all this reeking ego
craves the sun to never set
why do threads of anger never linger,
why does the ember turn to stone?

To where the longing goes in
with the sins of old
a face of nothing,
to never see as blind
as free
everything I want is in the end of this
everything I need will be the end of me

My negation
Will you know my name?
And sense the danger coming
My negation
Can you see my face?
What's to become of me?

The art of reduction
Stripped down through what seems defendable
scaled to bare revisions to stop making sense
levelling pillars of towering fear
rational instincts and insight to spare
end of falseness
end of grace
everything I fear is in this failing
nothing of what I am is in this end

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